About Us


The Cosmic Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy (CDLCA) provides a Centre of Excellence for participants attending from all over the world. Our program provides a total life experience, not just a cricket one. The CDLCA looks at your future within the game and provides guidance to improve and strive to achieve at your particular level.

“Much of Panesar’s recent improvement is down to a visit to Darren Lehmann’s Academy in Australia specifically to work on his batting and fielding”. -Simon Wilde, Sunday times.

The Academy run a number of programs that are an extension of the International High Performance Program, that follow the same philosophies, coaches and structures that include International Tours, Gap Year Program, Winter Program, and Regional Camps. These different programs allow cricketers of different levels and ages to improve their games that generally is only accessed by a chosen few. Using current Australian Coach Darren Lehmann’s approach to the game, the CDLCA has proven to be very successful at developing cricketers of all ages and abilities from around the world. Our aim is about developing individuals to reach their potential, and building the foundation to allow that to happen.

Players from the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Zimbabwe, India, the West Indies and Australia as well as ECB County players are regular CDLCA students.