High Performance Program starting in May 3rd week

Only limited seats



OVERVIEW Our High Performance tour program is underpinned by three Key Philosophies:

  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Find a way - we create problems for cricketers to solve
  • Train on the edge - be prepared to fail at times - to learn and self discover.

The program has a weekly structure with a 3:1 ratio over the month in terms of 3 hard weeks and then a lighter week to recover.

Players weekly Program involves skill sessions, fielding, strength sessions, conditioning sessions, recovery, competitive net sessions, player driven net sessions, skill extension net sessions.

Fitness testing happens monthly and has two purposes;

  • i) the obvious - to measure improvement,
  • ii) to gain insights as to how players are living, managing themselves, their attitude, and discipline required to become an elite cricketer.

We monitor how smart their choices are.

Players work weekly with the same coach on their skills to form a relationship to progress their game.

The program is also about not holding players hands, but have them take ownership of their games, and be self directed.

The focus in cricket terms takes participants across 3 different formats: the longer version, one day and T20 formats.


Players live in apartments and have to shop, cook, clean, live, and do laundry. They also have to catch public transport to training, which means they need to be more organised to fit into timetables to make training times.

Players also need to organise with club how to get to games and training. The DLCA uses one of Adelaide's leading district grounds "prospect Oval" for the large majority of its outdoor training. We also use Megacourts Indoor Sports facility for skills weekly indoor nett sessions and strength and conditionig work in their gym section.

The DLCA also gets access to High Performance facilities and grounds when playing High Performance games. Eg Adelaide Oval.


Club cricket placement is an integral and unique part of our Summer High performance program.

Participants are aligned to a local club to play weekend games throughout their Summer stint with participants working closely with team coaches for their own performances and self-accountability for developing their game in a team environment.

Club cricket is central to overall development. Players need to identify what success looks like and how that success is going to look in their club environment. It is part of their weekly preparation to plan, practise and work to achieve their own successful outputs at club level.


We put our participants through one of Australia's highest profile leadership programs that is widely used in professional sport - to promote self development and leadership skills

Facilitator Daniel Healy is a former AFL footballer and has lived professional sport and played at high profile football clubs. He able to relate to the players and improved the quality of the program last year. This will continue.

We also arrange an outback camp as an initial phase to formalise the structures for the players to develop through the season.

It is then followed up 4 times through the season to bring accountability and feedback to players on their ability to live the brand that they decide will underpin their development.

A big part of this program is judging each other through their actions and behaviours that represent how they are going to improve [not just words - but actions]. This peer feedback is an important part of the participants journey with DLCA and goes a long way to benchmarking areas for personal development and continuous improvement.

The program and coaches are also reviewed by the group for improvement of the program in a 360 degree atmosphere of the whole program.



A great point of difference that our Summer High Performance program offers - is providing an opportunity for players to test themselves against First Class and in some cases International players in a First Class environment in Australia.

In past years we have played the Sydney Thunder, Sydney Sixers, Redback 2ndX1, the Melbourne Renegades and Victoria 2ndX1.

Playing highly competitive cricket is a great way for players to learn and hone their game skills.

For us as coaches it is valuable to see how players prepare, play, adjust, and learn quickly to succeed. It is also an insight to a players temperament.