Key Philosophies That Underpin The Program:

  • Prepare/Train
  • Compete
  • Reflect

The tour will challenge players in some way. For each, there was something they can take away from the tour and find improvement within themselves and their game.

When going to places like the sub-continent it is important to get some “credits in the bank” early, in terms of preparation, recovery as these types of places will wear you down. This is something all players can take away from the tour as you need to keep as mentally and physically fresh as possible, and go into the contest at the very least a 50:50 chance. You have to assume the opposition are mentally and physically right to go.

Travelling to these types of places, players also need to understand that they are different, and you can’t make them like home. The big thing to do, is to adapt. It is a matter of understanding the culture and having processes in places to deal with it. Examples such as food, climate and culture of the people are big factors, and it is commonly known that the more you fight it the more mentally worn down you become. Find a way to adapt! Find a local food you like and stick with it. Get into a routine as early as possible, and “soak in the culture”. The whole purpose of the tour was to try and stress or challenge the player, and see if their existing methods stood up, or new methods are an improvement.

darren lehmann

The DLCA toured India, with the view of giving Youth Cricketers aged between 15 and 20 the opportunity to experience the following and develop their games:

  1. Conditions in the sub-continent including climate, playing surfaces, and different opposition.
  2. Pre tour 5 week program both skills and Strength and Conditioning to prepare for sub-continent.
  3. Left for individuals to implement but weekly contact to help emphasise critical areas to focus on.
  4. Access to structures used in High Performance Programs This refers to hydration (weighing themselves on performance days), recovery (pool), personal game rating system (looking at aspects that lead to performance), game plan for team that individuals had to find their own way (reflection post game on execution), RPE (Recovery Perception). Knowledge of game play at an Elite levels.
  5. Placing individuals out of their comfort zone personally, physically, mentally and tactically. To give the players continuous challenges to find a way to succeed.
  6. Understanding and going through a reflection process that leads to improvement and consistency, and look at their performance in a way that can constructively assist them in finding ways to get better .
  7. Touring Internationally. Put them in an environment that’s different and learn to adapt and succeed.
  8. Experiencing a different culture and seeing if the player could find ways to succeed, prepare consistently, relax, and perform.
  9. Expose areas that need improvement. Along with this is to find solutions to their weaknesses.
  10. Coached by coaches with 40+ years experience in High performance Cricket having coached from international players to representative underage players.
darren lehmann

The Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy (DLCA) runs International Tours to challenge players, which is critical to improvement. The game being the “great” teachers, DLCA Tours play a high percentage of games while on tour, playing against quality players and teams. These tours are available to any player looking to progress their cricket.. As an extension of the DLCA International Summer Program, the tour offers the players an opportunity to tour in a High Performance structure, be coached by the same Elite Coaches that coach international and First Class players at the DLCA, and have current Australian Coach Darren Lehmann’s style of play, approach using some of his KPI’s and focus points on the skills of cricket.

The uniqueness of this tour is, the DLCA play High Performance cricket against Representative Teams like County Cricket Club U/17 & Academy teams, along with schools to give players the opportunity to compete in High Performance environments, that other tours cannot access. Learning can only take place in the right environment.

The tour is a great opportunity for a player to get direction on what they need to do to improve not only while on tour, but also post tour. This tour environment is the same as when the DLCA has played both South Australia Redbacks, Victoria Bushrangers, and BBL teams the Melbourne Renegades, Sydney Thunder and Sydney Sixers.

Tours follow the same DLCA philosophies

  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Find a way
  • Compete on the Edge